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Real estate Aval | Berlin Hyp

Savings banks ImmoAval – Entry Level at € 500,000

The ImmoAval combines liability participation through a guarantee with simple documentation and the highly professional handling which the savings banks are familiar with from the ImmoSchuldschein. Many contractual elements are derived from the popular ImmoKonsortial (link) in support of real estate financing of our own customers.

Pillars of ImmoAval
  • Pari passu liability participation opportunity for savings banks in existing Berlin Hyp financing transactions
  • Simple, standardised documentation package
  • No small participation tranches possible, only upwards of € 500,000
  • Individually selected time of “joining the financing” (depending on availability of free participation volumes)
  • Rating passed on to the savings banks
  • Professional handling during the entire term by Berlin Hyp’s Agency Desk
  • Clear commitment by Berlin Hyp to financing, a maximum of 49 % of the risk is passed on

Your advantage

  • Opportunity for diversification of your own loan risk in interesting assets classes and/or regions under the syndicate leadership of Berlin Hyp
  • No interest rate fluctuation risk because the refinancing is undertaken exclusively by Berlin Hyp, meaning that savings banks can also viably participate in longer financing terms
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