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About us Sustainability

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Sustainability Our sustainability strategy

In our sustainability profile we have set ourselves the following overall aims:
Our actions take into consideration not only economic but also ecological and social aspects. This means that we assume responsibility to owners, customer, staff and society extending above and beyond our statutory obligations:
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We pursue a long-term, responsible and risk-conscious business policy, thereby reliably contributing to the positive development of the economy and society.


We welcome the voluntary inclusion of ecological and social aspects in the real estate industry and the capital market. We are continually improving our own ecological and social “footprint".


We take responsibility for the quality of our work. We behave fairly, comply with statutes and in addition adhere to relevant voluntary standards.


We offer our staff long-term professional perspectives in conjunction with a wide-ranging further training programme. We promote social diversity and the maintenance of health in our company, and we support our staff in social crises.

Sustainability Implementation

Our business model equips us well to undertake large-volume, complex financing transactions. We conceive future-oriented products and services centred on our core business which offer genuine added value for the customer. In this context, the importance of sustainability is constantly increasing – both for banks and in the real estate market. According to the Federal Ministry of the Environment, buildings are responsible for around one third of the consumption of resources and CO2 emissions in Germany. Consequently, sustainable solutions for the construction and refurbishment of real estate are becoming increasingly important. Berlin Hyp recognised the opportunities resulting from this years ago, anchored sustainability in the corporate strategy and promoted it in processes and structures. Over the past two years, we have very successfully concentrated on sustainable development in our core business: we support green building financing, issue green bonds and have increased our social and ecological commitment.

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Sustainability Careful Selection of Specific Sustainability topics

The selection of the main sustainability criteria for Berlin Hyp and its stakeholders amongst other things takes place through the analysis of relevant studies and rating results, as well as through dialogue with staff, customers and investors.

The overall process is not only used to create reports. Results are consistently incorporated into the strategic further development of sustainability management.

Sustainability “Prime” Status and “Outperformer” in Sustainability Ratings


Sustainability oekom research

Berlin Hyp was rated "B-" by the sustainability rating agency oekom in September 2017, the highest mark awarded so far in the Financials/Mortgage & Public Sector rating comparison group.

This result means both "prime status" and rating in the "good" category.

Berlin Hyp has therefore become the "Industry Leader". 

Selected Standards and Guidelines

Berlin Hyp - Our Standards

Our Guidelines (published)

Daumen hoch

Code of Conduct

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Climate protection strategy

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Mission statement of Berlin Hyp

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Environment Statement

Environmental Statement

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Environmental Programme

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Our Guidelines (internal)


Guideline on the consideration of sustainability in real estate finance


Directive on Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion of Berlin Hyp

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Guideline for the environmental management system


Sustainability guidelines for suppliers and service providers


Stakeholder communication policy


Sustainability in depot A of Berlin HYp

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Lobbying policy


Guidelines for dealing with tax law requirements


Directive on operational environmental protection


Complaint management

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Sustainability In Practice