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About Us | Berlin Hyp

About us Concentrated experience, reliability and innovation

150 years of experience in commercial real estate financing and close proximity to the Savings Banks Finance Group make Berlin Hyp one of the leading German real estate and Pfandbrief banks.

We are a reliable, personal and flexible partner for quality-oriented, innovative investors. Driven by the aim to become the leading real estate financing bank in our strategic markets, we are concentrating on delivering better performance in a more customer-centric way with our future process.
We would like to be a valuable business partner for the savings banks and consistently make a positive value contribution to the success of the Savings Banks Finance Group. With headquarters in Berlin and offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart as well as in Amsterdam, Paris and Warsaw, we would like to continually increase the opportunities for partnership cooperation.

About us Open for Change

What is happening here is a process: each and every employee must be able to make an optimal contribution at any time and say “yes” to new thinking, new structures, processes and working methods. For this reason, the entire bank is creating room for swift action and networking.
The future process stands for a bank which reacts in an agile, flexible way to customers’ requirements without a trace of bureaucracy at any time. We want to be a real estate bank which acts in an integrated way with infrastructure which does not impose boundaries, but instead reveals new possibilities. Berlin Hyp is the home of good ideas which can also be creatively and swiftly implemented.
Across all departments, staff take an integrated view of issues and projects which are important for the future of our partners. We map out the path of continual change in constant dialogue – without hierarchies – and support each other in trying out new approaches.

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About us Clearly structured

Through an acquisition company, Berlin Hyp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German savings banks and other enterprises of the Savings Banks Finance Group.
It has been independent since 1 January 2015 and is a direct subsidiary of Landesbank Berlin Holding AG - LBBH - under company law. The Group structure can be found below.