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Students and graduates | Berlin Hyp

Students & Graduates During or after studies – inspiring perspectives

Start your future with a strong partner!

You are still in the middle of your degree and would like to get some practical experience? Or are you already on the home stretch and are looking for an employer with whom to realise your plans for your professional future? In both cases you should get to know us! As one of the leading German real estate and Pfandbrief banks, we are not only a valued partner for our customers in larger real estate projects, but also see ourselves as a reliable partner for around 550 staff.
Discover a company in which tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Which offers you space to build your professional future on sound foundations – and enables you to continually build on those foundations. Please decide on your prospects for yourself – join Berlin Hyp!

Internship Quo vadis? Find out – with an internship!

We gladly accompany you on your foray into practice – now and in future.
Your internship is coming up and you are looking for a suitable placement? If you are looking in Berlin, maybe you will find what you are looking for with us: Our colleagues in all business divisions always look forward to committed support! In principle, you can start at any time and the duration is agreed individually. 
We would be happy to show you what we do, how we do it and what makes us successful. Gain valuable insights into practice, discover future job options and experience what it means to shape things together. We look forward to your speculative application!
By the way: several former interns now work for us in responsible specialist and management positions today. Perhaps that could soon be you?

Student Employees Fancy some inspiration in practice?

We are looking for you – as a committed student employee!
You are studying in or around Berlin and would like to put your theoretical knowledge into practice? Then come and support us as a student employee! You have the best chances with an economics or business management study course – but other subjects may also be in demand, because in principle we repeatedly look for support from student employees in all our specialist divisions (up to a maximum of 20h/week). Discover your opportunities at Berlin Hyp!

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Student Employees Appreciation and possible prospects

By the way: apart from giving you the opportunity to learn a lot and be paid in accordance with the banking tariff, your job as a student employee has another advantage:
it can lay the foundations for the time after your degree. If both sides discover during your time with us that we fit well together, your subsequent start, for example as a trainee, could be just around the corner.

What are you waiting for?
Take a look at our Career Centre to see if we have a job vacancy for you.

TRAINEE PROGRAM Experience team spirit

The whole is more than the sum of its parts – this in particular applies to teams. Don’t worry: you don’t have to hang out together in the jungle for a week.
Instead, you can look forward to Team Day once a year: a day on which you will be on tour with other trainees. When the time comes, we will tell you whether you will be driving Segways or planning a geocaching session.
Ultimately, Team Day creates favourable preconditions for successful and trusting cooperation.

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Interview Students Successstories @ Berlin Hyp

Students, former students and trainees report

We could tell you a lot more, but we prefer to let our staff speak for themselves. Several of them started with us as interns, student employees or trainees and now hold positions of responsibility within the bank. Here you have the opportunity to get to know some of your potential future colleagues.

Trainee Program Klevis, Credit trainee

During my degree I was already especially interested in financial subjects. The trainee program now gives me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and at the same time to implement it in practice. For me as a trainee, it is a great advantage to already know my target department in advance, because this helps me to keep my long-term aim in mind while experiencing the individual postings in other departments.
Right from the outset, I liked the working atmosphere at Berlin Hyp and the real estate business. I find it fascinating to see the development processes in the different cases. In addition, I now have the chance to establish a network and learn from the different working styles of my colleagues. I am impressed and inspired by their specialist competence. One day, I would like to be like that too.

Trainee Program Felix, former Treasury trainee

Felix joined Berlin Hyp as a trainee in 2014 and supported the issue of the first green bonds

“It was already very special for me to be involved as a trainee in a project which is the talk of the capital market. I am now permanently employed at Berlin Hyp in the Treasury Division in the Investor Relations & Sales Department. The bank’s large-volume business is always individually tailored. In conjunction with our number of staff, this requires broad and at the same time very deep knowledge. All projects are very individual and challenging. For this reason, I very quickly gained the opportunity to take responsibility. I really appreciate the chance to take advantage of further training alongside my work with the bank’s support. In August 2017, I started a study course to become a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) parallel to my work. I particular value the opportunity to make a creative contribution at Berlin Hyp and implement my own ideas. The atmosphere in our room21 is like at a start-up. Very Berlin, but definitely different from what you would expect at a bank. Here, you can also discuss a subject with the Board of Management over a coffee. At the same time, Berlin Hyp is a very sound and safe employer. The bank only employs the number of trainees who could also be subsequently kept in permanent employment after the end of their traineeship.”

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