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Jobs and Applications Working with a strong partner – your job at Berlin Hyp

All about your job and applying
You are looking for new challenges, an optimal start to working life or would you like a change of professional environment? Then this is exactly the place for you! Take a look at our Career Centre to find out about our various current job vacancies in different offices.
Welcome to one of the leading German real estate and Pfandbrief banks. Welcome to Berlin Hyp!

Career Centre Come into our team! Find a suitable job – and send us your application

You can see all current vacancies here. Found your dreamjob? Then please apply by E-Mail: karriere(at) We are looking forward to get to know you!
A suitable job is not available? It doesn't matter: In this case, send us your initiative application. Whether you are a credit specialist or a sales pro, know your way around treasury or risk controlling, whether your expertise lies in IT or governance: With your know-how, you could be exactly the one, we need.

Tips for Applications Inspire us – with your application!

Tips and helpful information about your application to Berlin Hyp
We are delighted that you would like to structure your future career at and with our bank! If you would like to know what we can offer you in addition to a usual market salary: See “Berlin Hyp as an employer” to find out about very specific additional benefits which make working for us attractive!
Are you interested in our application process or looking for helpful hints to make your aoplication to us successful? Then please keep reading.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

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Tips for Applications Knowing how – how to make your application to Berlin Hyp successful

Your application is your business card. And as it is known, because there are no second chances for a good first impression, we will tell you, what is important to us regarding your application.

Tips for Applications Application by E-Mail

Please send us your application by E-Mail (to: karriere(at) It should already be evident from the reference header which position you are applying for. Even if you would like to take up a dual degree study course or embark on our trainee programme, this principle applies too. In addition, the formal prerequisites, grammar and orthography should also be right In this case, you should curb the more familiar tone otherwise usual in E-Mail correspondence in favour of a professional tone suitable to the occasion.

Our application process - the path to your application

Please apply for your dual study place approximately one year before the beginning of your studies, i. e. from September of the previous year.

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Tips for Applications Your application letter

The cardinal rule here: be authentic! We not only want to know what you have already achieved (or not yet achieved, if you are fresh out of school), but who you really are and what social competence you have acquired. You don’t need to write a novel about this: tell us why you want to join us and why you think that you are the person who would best fit in with us. Depending on whether you are applying for the dual study programme, the trainee programme or for another position, you should emphasise the following:
  • If you are a school-leaver, we are interested in your personal strengths and your motivation for the dual study course. Three questions help you here: Why do you want to study this precise course? Why are you precisely the right person for this? Why do you want to do the dual study course at Berlin Hyp?
  • Are you a graduate? Then please refer to the focus of your studies – and why we are the right employer for you.
  • And if you come to us with significant experience, you are welcome to tell us about your position to date and successful projects you have completed.

    Tips for Applications A little formality helps!

    An introduction in which you refer to the position or the programme advertised is always a good idea, as long as you get straight to the point. After that, you are welcome to advertise yourself, i.e. why you are the right person for the job. Tell us why you are applying to Berlin Hyp and what makes us attractive to you.
    If you are unsure: DIN5008 regulates the structure of correspondence in business, including applications. Here, you will find help about the right way to write dates and addresses, etc.

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    Tips for Applications Your curriculum vitae

    We prefer a tabular curriculum vitae. It should in any case include your personal data (name, address), education, professional experience, special qualifications (further training, knowledge, skills, languages). Everything should be exactly in the right order – sorted according to months.
    If you already have professional experience, please supplement your specification of each position to date with several descriptive points which state your work in more detail. If you have not yet gained professional experience to date, we would like information about your schools and possibly university or college, as well as information about internships. Bullet point form is absolutely fine here.

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    Tips for Applications Reports and references

    Please attach all relevant educational reports and work references in good scan quality. Where school-leavers are concerned, we would like to receive your last two school reports or your final report if you have already received this. If you currently do not yet have certain reports or references available, briefly explain the reasons for this in your letter.
    Especially if you have been working for a long time, you may already have several certificates in your pocket. Five references, preferably the most up-to-date ones, are usually sufficient. And if you are over 40 years old, you don't have to present your secondary school-leaving certificate or high school diploma - your training and/or degree certificate is sufficient. You should select the mix of training certificate, skilled worker's or journeyman's certificate, master's certificate and references - if you can. Especially those who describe and extensively praise in detail your previous tasks and qualifications, your (interpersonal) strengths and successes.

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    Tips for Applications Job interview

    If we find your written application convincing, we will invite you to a personal interview. We would like to supplement the picture we have of you, get to know the person behind the curriculum vitae and at the same time give you the opportunity to find out for yourself whether we are the right future employer for you. Use this opportunity to ask us questions and let us discuss your expectations, and ours, in open dialogue. Please just be yourself – we are too!
    We hope you will find these tips helpful for your application. Now it is up to you … good luck with your application and we hope to see you soon.

    Your Recruiting Team at Berlin Hyp

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