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Investor Relations | Berlin Hyp

INVESTOR RELATIONS Investor Relations - Berlin Hyp as issuer of bonds

Berlin Hyp refinances itself via the capital markets by issuing Mortgage Pfandbriefe, Public Sector Pfandbriefe, senior unsecured debentures and subordinated debentures. Both Mortgage Pfandbriefe and senior unsecured bonds are also issued as green bonds. As a bank specialising in commercial real estate financing, we regard Pfandbriefe as our primary refinancing instruments. We issue them both as benchmark bonds with a minimum volume of € 500 million and as private placements in the form of bearer or registered bonds. For maturities of less than one year, Berlin Hyp also refinances itself via its Euro Commercial Paper Programme. 

In addition, we also take our investors’ wishes into consideration regarding interest structures. As a Pfandbrief issuer, we are subject to the provisions of the Pfandbrief Act. The Pfandbriefe issued by us are therefore fully secured by corresponding cover. All issues are traded on the Berlin Stock Exchange. Price regulation by Berlin Hyp or one of our syndicate banks exclusively takes place here.

Pfandbriefe: As a commercial real estate financer, Pfandbriefe are our main refinancing instrument.

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Environment Statement

Green Bonds: Berlin Hyp pioneered the capital markets when it issued the world-wide first Green Covered Bond as well as when it became the first issuer issuing green bonds in more than one asset class. Our green bonds offer investors an additional value beyond safety and yield.

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Investor Relations Our Current Base Prospectus

The following constitutes the summary of the essential characteristics and risks of the issuer and the securities to be issued under the programme. This summary should be considered an introduction to this Base Prospectus. Any decision by an investor to invest in the relevant securities should be based on consideration of this Base Prospectus as a whole, including any documents incorporated by reference, any supplements hereto and the final terms relating to each tranche of debentures (the “Final Terms").

In case claims relating to the information contained in this Base Prospectus, including any documents incorporated by reference, any supplements thereto and the Final Terms, are asserted before a court, the plaintiff investor might, under the national legislation of the contracting states of the European Economic Area, have to bear the costs of translating the Base Prospectus, including any documents incorporated by reference, any supplement thereto and the Final Terms before the legal proceedings are initiated.

The issuer, who is responsible for this summary and a translation thereof or by whom the order is initiated, can be held liable, but only if this summary is misleading, inaccurate or inconsistent when read together with the other parts of this Base Prospectus.

The Base Prospectus and final terms are available below.