Thinking about tomorrow, not just today

An increasing number of people place emphasis on sustainably traded goods and services when it comes to consumer choice. This trend is increasing. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in the context of monetary investments and financial services.

For our Bank, sustainability not only means environmental compatibility, but also future viability. Maintenance of economic strength and financial stability coupled with responsible actions and healthy growth form the foundations of our business activities.

Sustainability Ratings

In February 2015, Berlin Hyp was awarded “prime” status by oekom research AG, one of the world’s leading rating agencies for the assessment of sustainable investments. The assessment is made on the basis of more than 100 qualitative and quantitative environmental and social criteria.

Sustainalytics rated Berlin Hyp as a „leader“ in the peer group (86 out of 100 points). With this result Berlin Hyp is one of the five best rated banks in the world (5 out of 332 banks). [Data as of 10/2017]

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